Starke County Community Corrections Open House Held Tuesday

Bob Hinojosa presents Pat Mitchell with a plaque during the grand opening ceremony

The Starke County Community Corrections staff held a Grand Opening Tuesday for their new facility at 1911 South Heaton Street.

After opening remarks by administrator Bob Hinojosa, the Department of Corrections Commissioner, Bruce Lemon, addressed those in attendance. Lemon told Ted Hayes that the new facility was quite impressive.

“It’s a great program and a great new building so we’re excited about Starke County and Community Corrections,” said Lemon. “We fund it to the tune of $188,000 in Starke County and Starke County matches that with user fees which is a very impressive figure.”

Starke County Circuit Judge Kim Hall told how he uses Community Corrections in sentencing.

“The number one option that we have now that we didn’t have before is electronically monitored home detention and it’s a very secure system,” said Hall. “We’re very comfortable in sentencing people to home detention monitored by the folks at Community Corrections. It allows them also to work and support their families.”

Also speaking was Board Advisor, Pat Mitchell, who said that he was confident from the beginning that Starke County Community Corrections would be a success.

“I knew there were several ingredients that needed to take place. We had the personnel and the support of the community to march forward. We had the support of the State, the support of other communities and I always knew with the effort that this would be a success.”

Hinojosa was also congratulated, on behalf of his award winning staff, for the fine job being done in only three short years.

“I was very fortunate to have a Chairman in Pat Mitchell who guided me and I have a great staff.”