Starke County Food Inspector Reports Several Infractions after Inspections

Dave Kesvormas

David Kesvormas, the Starke County Contract Food Inspector, issued a report covering the first few weeks of his job. As of March 17th, Kesvormas had completed 26 inspections.

Infractions found included: Refrigeration doors not closing properly or not sealing due to defective seals, labeling and dating, cross contamination (meaning raw meat stored over items that are ready to eat), missing thermometers, inaccurate chemical sanitizer test equipment, and general cleaning and sanitizing.

Kesvormas also reported that he had completed some on the job training with Rhonda Madden from the Indiana State Board of Health. The pair inspected three different types of operations.

Kesvormas and Health Nurse Frank Lynch have discussed the possibility of producing some type of training video to be posted online.
Kesvormas said the short training videos will address a variety of the infractions that are commonly being found during inspections.