Starke County Legacy of Women to Offer Grants

Starke County Legacy of Women Committee members

The Legacy of Women, a committee under the Starke County Community Foundation, is announcing some upcoming grants.

“After being in existence for three years, Starke County’s Legacy of Women Committee is able this year to give out money for grants and/or scholarships,” explained Sheri Bartoli, Chairperson of the organization. “We’re so excited to finally have the opportunity to help individuals and organizations fund an idea, project or education, to help women become leaders in our county.”

Bartoli says they’re looking at innovative ways to promote this.

“Let me give you a couple of examples: Maybe some teachers could plan a mini-retreat to promote leadership; Eighth grade girls who are entering high school; or a woman could start a blog on starting your own business and the trials and tribulations that come with that. If anyone has questions concerning the application, you can contact me at 772-6211.”

The Starke County Legacy of Women was organized to advance and advocate women in Starke County. They have now raised enough money to distribute some this year. Requests for monies may not exceed $1,000.