Tom and Lenny Take the Sibo’s Challenge!

WKVI’s Tom Berg and Lenny Dessauer agreed to take the Sibo’s challenge – the consumption of a three pound hamburger!  Now, the hamburger patties are three pounds.  With the lettuce, 10 pieces of cheese, tomatoes, onions, a piece of ham, and pickles, it actually weighs almost five pounds.  PLUS, they have to eat all of their fries AND potato salad in 45 minutes.  Did they make it???

Lenny reveals the beast!
Does Lenny look confident that he can successfully complete the challenge?
Lenny, Randy Sibo and Tom
Tom's progress 15 minutes in
Lenny 15 minutes in

Did they make it?  Did they beat the challenge???

NO!  They ate some of the fries, a quarter of the hamburger and didn’t even make it to the potato salad!  Maybe next time….

Tom's done. It's obviously nap time
Lenny didn't make it too far either...