Extensive Cleanup to be Done at Holloway Motel before it can Open

Holloway Motel

It will be a long time before the Holloway Motel is back in business. The motel was condemned after three methamphetamine labs were removed from the premises on Friday, April 15th. Extensive cleaning needs to be done and approved by IDEM and the Health Department before it can be reopened.

Residual contamination may remain in the rooms where the meth labs were located because the hazardous materials that are used in the manufacture of meth can cause contamination of porous wall and floor coverings, heat and air conditioning vents and furnishings. Without decontamination, the risk of exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals is likely.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management requires that the owner of a building that has had a meth lab in it, in this case the Holloway Motel, will need to clean up the property. A qualified inspector will do an assessment to determine how much clean up is needed. That inspector can decontaminate the property or suggest a cleanup contractor and supervise the decontamination. If the final decontamination levels have been met, a certificate is issued and normal operations can commence. It is unknown when or how long the cleanup will occur.