Indiana Redistricting Maps Presented

Yesterday, Representative Eric Koch (R-Bedford) and Representative Kathy Richardson (R-Noblesville) presented the boundaries of State House and Legislative and Congressional Districts for the next 10 years.

Locally, Representative Nancy Dembowski (D-Knox) is being knocked out of District 17 to be placed into the 20th District. That move would pair her with Republican Tom Demody. In the new 20th District, parts of Starke County will be split, with Center, Davis, Jackson, Oregon, Railroad and Washington One going into the new 20th District.

California, North Bend, Wayne, and Washington Two would be going into a new 16th District. That new district takes in those Starke precincts, all of Pulaski County, a small part of Fulton County, parts of Jasper County and parts of Newton.

Meanwhile, all of Marshall County and two-thirds of Fulton County would make up the 17th District.

Proposed Congressional Redistricting map

The door has been opened for Jackie Walorski, or any other Republican, to capture the Second District Congressional seat if the proposed U.S. House District is approved.

The proposed district would put all of Elkhart County and most of Kosciusko County into a new 2nd District, while eliminating part of Democrat-leaning LaPorte County and all of Kokomo in Howard County.

This District has been represented by Democrat Congressman Joe Donnelly, who narrowly beat Walorski in the last election.

All of Starke, Pulaski, and most of Marshall Counties would be in the 2nd District.

Proposed Senate Redistricting map

Fifth District State Senator Ed Charbonneau would lose all of Marshall County and the top half of Starke in the new re-districting configuration.

The top half of Starke County would be placed into the current 8th District with LaPorte County.

Charbonneau’s 5th District would take in parts of Porter County, parts of Jasper County, all of Pulaski County, and the lower part of Starke County.

The top half of Starke County would be in Democrat State Senator Jim Arnold’s District.

The House and Senate elections committees will separately take public testimony on their chamber’s redistricting plan on Wednesday. Because Republicans control both chambers of the General Assembly, the proposed Republican-drawn maps will likely be adopted.