John Brooke’s Trial Underway

The trial of John Brooke is underway in Starke Circuit Court.  In this mornings proceedings the State and Defense both gave opening statements.  The Prosecution called three police officers to the stand who were on the scene during the alleged shoot-out at Bass Lake in February of 2010.
Taking the stand were officers Don Ferguson, Ken Pfost, and Bill Dulin.   At one point Officer Ferguson presented emotional testimony stating that” he thought he would never see his wife again.”
Entered as exhibits were weapons, body armor, bullets, and ammo magazines that were taped together.
Brooke, who has several counts against him, was reportedly at work when he heard that police had arrived at his residence to arrest his friend Michael Drogosz.  He drove home, and allegedly put on body armour  and while armed attempted to come up the back-way to his house.  He was eventually taken into custody.
The trial is expected continue all week in Starke Circuit Court.