Knox and North Judson-San Pierre Teams Participate in Starke County Drug Free Double Dare Competition

Members of The Confused team proudly display their winnings after the conclusion of the Starke County Drug Free Double Dare competition

The Starke County Drug Free Double Dare Challenge was held Sunday, at the Knox Middle School. Four teams from Knox and North Judson-San Pierre competed. The High School team, The Confused, from North Judson-San Pierre won the challenge with 310 points. The Orange Dinosaur team from North Judson-San Pierre Middle School came in second, the Blue Man Group from Knox Middle School was third and the 7 Musketeers from Knox Middle School was fourth. They all did a great job in answering questions about drugs and the dangers of drugs. If either team did not know the answer to a question, they participated in a variety of physical challenges.

Two team members painted their face with peanut butter and their teammates threw marshmellows at their face. Whichever team had the most marshmellows won the physical challenge
In this physical challenge, two members of a team laid on the floor with cups in their mouth and two other teammates squirted chocolate syrup into the cups while blindfolded. The first team to fill both cups won.
Team members had to spell out marijuana, inhalants, and amphetamines with alphabet soup letters. The first team to do so won.
In this challenge, team members fed their partners baby food while blindfolded. Yum. The first team to eat both bottles won.
This one was tough. A bucket of water was balanced on all of the team members' feet and they had to take off their shoes while balancing the bucket. The first team to spill the bucket lost. Both teams worked well and no water was spilled.