Knox Elementary Students’ Poems to be Published

A few of the 199 third, fourth, and fifth grade Knox Community Elementary students who submitted poetry (rear, from left) Kaitlyn Lindbergh, Lilly Boldt, Mariah McKee, Laurel Clark, Katelyn Messer; (front, from left) Trevor Flagg, and Lily Underwood.

More than 200 Knox Community Elementary School students’ original poems could be published this fall in the 2011 Young American Poetry Digest, a program of the National Schools project.

Charles Ratliff, writing teacher at the school, says nearly 800 poems were submitted to be considered for the anthology, which is a collection of writing in book form. He says the work of 50 fifth graders, 79 fourth graders,
and 70 third graders were accepted.

Ratliff says however, just because a students received an acceptance letter does not mean his or her poem is automatically published in the anthology. He says he found that when students write for a specific purpose, such as writing for contests, their writing becomes so much better.

Photo provided by Charles Ratliff.