Larry Brock Seeks Ambulance Repair Grant

EMS Director Larry Brock presented his report to the Pulaski County Commissioners on Monday. Brock is seeking grants for repairing two ambulances and purchasing a generator for their Winamac station.

“We are seeking a ambulance grant to replace two of our ambulances , rechassis them, and a second grant for a generator for the Winamac station,” said Brock. “We have some rust damage due to a light that’s rusting in, of course because it’s on top of the ambulance it may fall through and we need to take care of that issue right away.”

The repair for both ambulances is expected to cost about $127,000, and the generator is expected to cost roughly $4000.  Brock said he expects the ambulances to be fully repaired by 2012, and the generator should be up and running within a couple months. The generator would be automatic, and would not require a staff member to start it if the power were to go out. Currently, the station has no backup power.

“The generator is used for weather purposes.  If the power should go out, the station can be automatically electrified to run our daily things,” said Brock.