Mark Anderson Wins Aarons/WKVI NCAA Bracket Challenge!

Mark Anderson (R) is the winner of the Aarons/WKVI NCAA bracket challenge. Ted Hayes poses with Mark by Mark's new TV!

Congratulations to Mark Anderson, of Knox, who is the winner of the Aarons/WKVI NCAA bracket challenge! Mark won a 42” Plasma TV from Aarons in LaPorte by picking the right teams in the NCAA men’s bracket and getting the most points to win the contest. Mark was asked his strategy for the contest:

“I’ve got to admit, it was just mostly luck,” he replied. “I have been a March madness fan for years and years and I fill out a bracket with my students every single year. I watch nearly every single game and so I’m pretty hooked on it. I’ve got to tell you that this was all luck.”

Mark talks about entering the WKVI bracket challenge.

“I saw it on your website and I thought, ‘Why not?’ I’m filling the brackets out anyway so why not take a chance? I had UConn in the final game and part of me said I would really like a hometown Indiana team to win, but the other side said I really think UConn’s going to take it.”

“I want to say thank you to Aarons. They always have quality merchandise.”