Starke County Students to See Chicago Shakespeare Theatre’s Macbeth Tuesday

Students from the three Starke County schools will be attending a Shakespearean play tomorrow afternoon at the North Judson-San Pierre High School Auditorium. Thanks to a grant from the Starke County Community Foundation and the Tri Kappa organization, it is possible for actors who star in Shakespearean plays at Navy Pier in Chicago to come to the County to present a classic play for the kids.

“This year they’re doing Macbeth,” said Knox Middle School Principal Steve Cronk. “All the eighth graders from Oregon-Davis, North Judson-San Pierre and Knox, as well as seventh graders from all three schools, as many as we can put in there, will see this presentation from Noon until 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 5th.”

Mr. Cronk says this is a pretty unique presentation.

“A lot of people might not know this, but this really is a big deal. These are professional actors coming in. These are people who have been seen on television series and in commercials, and they have amazing backgrounds. The idea that we’re bringing Chicago to Starke County so the kids can see a genuine Shakespearean play – kids who otherwise think they don’t like English and are pretty sure that they wouldn’t like Shakespeare – and it changes their minds.”

This is the 6th year that the Shakespearean actors have been able to travel to Starke County to present a Shakespeare play to the students in the three Starke County schools.