Lincoln Day Dinner held Saturday

The annual Lincoln Day Dinner was held Saturday night at the Bass Lake Community Center. With party leaders, state, national, and local candidates in attendance, the evening was proclaimed a success for the Grand Old Party (GOP).

Following the evening festivities, WKVI interviewed three Republicans of note, State Senator Ed Charbonneau, State Treasurer Richard Murdock, and candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Jackie Walorski.

Charbonneau gave an overview of the just completed session of the state legislature.

“It was a real rollercoaster,” said Senator Charbonneau. “It was a historic session, but in the end, I think one that the taxpayers and the citizens of Indiana should be proud of because we’re ending the session with a balanced budget and no tax increases. In a point in time when other states are still looking at ways to cut K-12 education, we’ve invested a $150 million new dollars into K-12 education.”

Richard Mourdock is challenging long time U.S. Senator Richard Lugar in the spring primary.

“As a Republican, I’ve long had great respect for Senator Lugar, but I believe it’s time that we have some competition in the Republican marketplace of conservative ideas,” said Mourdock. “Certainly, most issues I’m sure Senator Lugar and I would agree, but there have been some fundamental ones that we differ on and I think the Republican Primary block needs to hear that and we’re going to have a fabulous campaign. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

And Jackie Walorski, who narrowly lost the 2010 Second District Representative race to Democrat Joe Donnelly, talked about getting out early for another run in 2012.

“We’re off to a good start and we’re staying in focus just like we did before and some people have already said, ‘Oh my gosh this is so early! What are you doing? It’s a marathon.’,” said Walorski. “You know what? I think the country is worth fighting for. In order to raise the money and get to the level where we want to get to, it just required getting out early so we’re here already.”

Donna Henry, of North Judson, announced at the affair that she would be a candidate for Town Clerk-Treasurer in the fall election. Judge Charles Hasnerl, who is running for another term as the Knox City Judge, also spoke.

Harold Welter was the Master of Ceremonies, and Larry Jernas conducted an auction that was highlighted by an offer of a personalized statehouse tour by Treasurer Murdock, and four tickets to an Indianapolis Indians ball game. Two people bid $190.00 and both received an invitation and tickets.