Pulaski County Sheriff’s Memorial Service Scheduled for Tuesday, May 31st

The employees of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department will be remembering their fallen comrades in a Sheriff’s Memorial service on Tuesday, May 31st, at Noon ET at the Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Charles H. Oglesby

Honored will be Sheriff Charles Henry Oglesby who was shot and killed on October 5th, 1907 while attempting to arrest three men stealing a ride on a Pennsylvania Railroad freight train. The men were a gang of safecrackers who burglarized the Marsh store in Burnettsville. The suspects were captured in the Winamac area.

Sheriff Milo "Mike" Lewis

Sheriff Milo “Mike” Lewis was shot and killed on October 11th, 1967 by a prisoner, Arthur James Lewis, who was being held for another jail that was deemed less secure. The prisoner’s girlfriend smuggled a firearm into the jail and the prisoner drew the gun on Sheriff and two bullets struck him as he was attempting to get the gun from the prisoner. He took the car keys from the dispatcher and fled from the jail. He was later apprehended.

Deputy Shadron "Shad" Bassett

Deputy Sheriff Shadron Kiley “Shad” Bassett was killed in an automobile crash while responding to a call on October 7th, 2005. Deputy Bassett’s commission left the roadway for some unknown reason on State Road 39 near County Road 300 North and struck a tree.