Starke County I.T. Director Makes Modifications to Video Arraignment System at Jail

I.T. Director Bob Smith

I.T. Director Bob Smith appeared before the Starke County Commissioners this week. Smith notified the Commissioners that he needed to make some “tweaks” in the Video Arraignment Program and the Starke County Jail monitoring system to make them work more effectively.

“We found out there were a few glitches that was missed, so this is an additional requirement we need to meet for the law that Judge Hall informed me of,” said IT Director, Bob Smith. “We just want to make sure that we are covering everything and getting it up to par.”

Smith was asked if the Video Arraignment Program was being used by Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall and City Court Judge Charles Hasnerl.

“Currently, City Court is using it. Circuit Court did attempt to use it, but there were a few glitches and I’m fixing those problems. There were a few things the system didn’t do that it needs to do so we had to get it reconfigured and add some things to it.”

Smith was asked what problems he is working on at the jail.

“The only problems I can see is that there are a couple of areas that are not covered very well. Not so much back in the inmate areas but out in the officers area where sometimes inmates are trafficked through. We have a quote there from Vermillion Systems to fix that by moving a couple of cameras, adding a wide angle lens to one and adding a camera to the system.”