John Reed Announces Retirement from The Leader Newspaper

John Reed

John Reed thought he was going to a press conference called by Mayor Rick Chambers yesterday, but when he stepped inside the Knox Community Center he was greeted by, “SURPRISE!”

Even though it was John’s 65th birthday, the reason he was being honored was the announcement of his retirement as Editor of The Leader weekly newspaper.

John was asked how many years he’s been at The Leader.

“Altogether, I think it’s been about ten years,” said Reed. “I started at The Leader in 1999.”

Reed was asked which stories he has covered stand out in his mind.

“Probably the most interesting story was actually the Starke County Sesquicentennial in 2000. There have been a lot of interesting, even bizarre news stories. The helicopter crash at Bass Lake and the mess over Highway Department and the money that came from the State.”

Mayor Chambers reads the proclamation identifying July 1st, 2011 as "John Reed Day"

Mayor Chambers was at the celebration, but it was not for a news conference, but to announce that July 1st, 2011 will be “John Reed Day” in Knox.

Although he is leaving as Editor, John said he will still write his column and maybe cover some governmental meetings.

Cheryl Patrick will become the new Editor. She also arranged and pulled off the surprise party for her boss.