Knox City Police Department Acquires Hummer

Knox City Police Department Hummer

The Knox City Police Department recently acquired a 1985 Hummer from the Federal Surplus Property Acquisition Program that Police Chief Clint Norem said they received at no cost to the Department.

“Any property that the Federal Government has or has purchased and no longer needs is made available to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States,” explained Norem. “In order to acquisition this property, we submit an application to them and once approved, we’re assigned an ID and we can go to a website and review this property. Anything that can be used by our department, we submit the request. Once they review it and we can provide a reason of how we can use it and they agree with that, then they will allow us to pick up the property.”

The Hummer parts have come from all over the Midwest.

“The Hummer itself was picked up in Johnston, Iowa. It did not come with a top or doors so through this same program, I was able to locate the fiberglass top for it and the doors. The fiberglass top was shipped out of New Jersey and I drove to Columbus, Ohio to pick up the doors.”

The Hummer will be used mainly for public relations for the Police Department.

“We have our Community Watch program and many times the schools want us to put some type of program on for the students. I think this will be an interesting item that the kids can look at. We can explain to them that this is also a former military vehicle and talk to them a little bit about our military personnel. The other function we’ll use it for is in the winter time if the officer should need the four wheel drive capability.”

Sabre Manufacturing of Knox is listed as a sponsor on the side of the Hummer. The company put forth money toward painting the Hummer black and white to match the rest of the Department’s fleet.