Knox Community School Board Reviews Lease Agreement with Conn-Selmer

The Knox Community School Board approved a lease agreement with Conn-Selmer Monday night. Superintendent A.J. Gappa said the School Corporation and Conn-Selmer have had this lease agreement for band equipment for the past ten years:

“Under the terms of the agreement, we are able to purchase expensive musical equipment at a huge discount which is a benefit for us,” said Gappa. “One the other side, Conn-Selmer advertises Knox as one of their schools that they supply instruments for. Our marching band in the past has had much success around the state so they use that to their benefit and it really helps our band department with the purchase of much needed big equipment.”

This could be the last year the school is able to be part of this agreement.

“It would be up to Conn-Selmer to approach us and see if they want to extend it. I think we would be more than open if that’s the case, but they may decide to go in another direction. I’m not sure how their finances are with their company and what they’re able to do. We’ll find that out next year.”