Knox Police Continue to Investigate Attempted Abduction

Amber Howard and her children, Korie and Evan

Three weeks ago today, Amber Howard was in her home in Knox when she heard her daughter, Korie, screaming that someone was in the back yard trying to abduct her one-year-old brother, Evan.

When the mother went into the yard, the daughter said the man, dressed in red jogging pants, came into the yard, grabbed her off a swing set, and then picked up the baby as if to take him. When she screamed, the man ran off down Roosevelt Road in the Parkview section of Knox. He dropped the baby before climbing over a fence.

Police were immediately on the scene, but did not find the man.

Ted Hayes asked Amber Howard how the incident has affected the family.

“It’s not like what it used to be,” said Howard. “You think you can have a fenced in back yard and you think your kids are safe and won’t come into your yard, but you can’t really trust anybody. The kids talk about it a lot. They hear things and they understand more about strangers and what to do if they come up to them and ask them questions. If they don’t know them they know not to talk to them. They’ve been talking more about it and never used to think anything about it.”

The case is still open. If you know anything about this possible abduction, call the Starke County Sheriff’s Department at (574) 772-3771.