Pulaski County Man Arrested on Intimidation Charges

Officers from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department were called to 5110 W. and 400 N. regarding an intimidation incident on Thursday.

Keith Powers told police that he was standing outside and he heard dogs barking near his residence and people talking through the woods. Powers said his dogs had begun to run toward the woods and Powers went inside his residence to retrieve a gun. He told police that he shot multiple rounds into the sky. Powers said his dogs return when he fires his weapon. He said he got into his truck and looked for the people in the woods. He found raccoon hunters and told him to stay off his property. Powers said that one of the hunters reached into his truck and Powers said he would defend himself if necessary.

The hunters, Garrett Trusty, Dalton Minix and Derrick Allen, told police that they were hunting for raccoons on private property with permission which was confirmed with the landowner. One of their dogs began to chase an animal and the men began to run after the dog to prevent it from entering Mr. Powers’ property. The men advised they were able to stop the dog before it entered his property and then they heard multiple gunshots. Trusty and Allen said they could hear bullets traveling through and striking the trees over their heads. The men eventually traveled to Powers’ residence and confronted Powers in his truck. Trusty said Powers pointed the handgun toward him and made a statement that implied that he would shoot him. The police were then called to the scene. Powers was then taken into custody and booked into the Pulaski County Jail on charges of Intimidation with a Deadly Weapon and Criminal Recklessness While Armed. After review of the Pulaski County Prosecutor, formal charges were not filed.