Starke County P.T.A.B.O.A. Board Reviews Land Values

John Viveiros

The P.T.A.B.O.A. Board met this week to review and approve the property values following the recent reassessment.

“The Assessor, by law, has to come up with the land values,” said John Viveiros, Project Manager for the reassessment project in Starke County. “We went through and did a neighborhood delineation based on the sales and came up with land-based rates for each and every neighborhood.”

The figures are available for public view in the Assessor’s Office. Any resident who wants to appeal the findings may do so.

“There’s a petition process where if you’re not happy, you can sign a petition and if there are 100 signatures within 45 days of a meeting on Monday, the Assessor will have to send our data to the State.  The Department of Local Government Finance oversees the assessment process and they will review the data and either let it stand or make any changes they see fit.”