Bass Lake Resident Injured after Storm

Brian Ball of Bass Lake experienced a very scary event Friday afternoon at his home. While erecting a tent in his yard, he was struck by a falling tree. Because of the force, he apparently suffered a concussion, but was not killed.

Fortunately a neighbor, Jim O’Hara, was nearby and rushed to his aid. O’Hara told WKVI News that he administered CPR twice when he didn’t detect a pulse.

“I had some CPR training, but it had been a while and fortunately I remembered,” said O’Hara. “It did come in handy because two different times he lost his pulse and the second time I didn’t even finish all of the compressions.”

Extensive damage was done to the Ball house as a huge tree fell on it, too. Clean-up work was done Saturday by T.D’s Tree Service.

Ball was taken to IU Health Starke Hospital, but was released over the weekend.