Knox-Center Township Fire Department Celebrates 100 Years

The Knox-Center Township Fire Department is celebrating 100 years of service to our community this year. Founded in 1911, the Department replaced a citizen bucket brigade made up of business owners and residents of the Knox area.

To commemorate this anniversary, the Department has designed a new logo. The members of the department wanted the logo to include aspects that were both old and new and something unique to the Knox Fire Department. The background is the very traditional Red Maltese Cross, with the Knox-Center Township moniker, as well as the gold “100” in the center. One of the most unique aspects of the department are the yellow fire trucks, thus the “Yellow Jacket” sporting fire attire and wielding a water hose and fireman’s ax.

The firemen will be hosting a Centennial Celebration over the weekend of August 6th and 7th. All of the events are open to the public and will be centered around the Knox Southside Fire House located on U.S. 35.