Quilt Display is Just One Feature of the Power from the Past Show

Barbara Crist, Lois Wise and Arlean Fry demonstrate hand quilting

The Northern Indiana Power from the Past Show continues today at the Town Park in Winamac. This is the 34th annual antique power show, and the highlight today is the Horse Pull sponsored by the Northern Indiana Horse and Mule Pullers Association. That begins at 7:00 p.m. ET. For music lovers, the Wishbone Blues Band will perform at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Barbara spent more than 300 hours hand quilting this beautiful quilt

And while you’re at the show visit the Quilt display. Barbara Crist, a famous Pulaski County quilter, says hand-quilting isn’t popular anymore.

“Most quilts are quilted on a machine,” said Crist. “People don’t hand-quilt like they used to, but we do have a large number of quilts on display that are. Quilting is relaxing to me. I can sit and quilt all day long.”

“My mother quilted and that’s how I got started in quilting. My mother quilted with the Presbyterian Church in Pulaski every Thursday. It was her day to quilt. It was a Quilting Bee and now we do it at my house.”

“In January, we quilt for the Catholic Church in Pulaski,” she continued. “There’s five of us now and we quilt on Wednesday. We have to catch up on all the gossip.”

This hand quilted quilt featured all of the states and the state flowers
This quilt was made from neck ties
This is a quilt features Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz