Sewer Separation Project Continues in Winamc after Union Crews Return to Work

Winamac Town Hall

The sewer separation project in the Town of Winamac has resumed after Local 150 Union workers returned to the job. Contract issues had sidelined the project. Workers were off the job three weeks, and they are currently on Madison Street. The crews are trying to complete the Burson Street part of the project.

During their meeting Monday, the Winamac Town Board members heard from a group of concerned citizens about the extension of the runway at Arens Field in Winamac. The citizens are against the project and informed the members of why they are against the project. The biggest concern is the acquisition of land from farmers to extend the runway.

The Board learned that the Town was denied a Recreational Trails Grant to be used to finish the Panhandle Pathway project. The Town will apply for the grant again next year.