WKVI to go to Branson in October!

Ed Hasnerl

Ed Hasnerl is inviting you to go on another fun-filled adventure with him to Branson. Ed says you will be leaving on October 17th for Branson.

“A number of the folks who are going on this trip with me have been to Branson with me before,” said Ed. “This is our ninth trip.”

Ed said each trip to Branson is a little different.

“There are 100 different shows in Branson and we try to give a variety. Some we do go back to and see – some of the favorites. We are going to a repeat program this year. We’re going to see the Oak Ridge Boys, but we haven’t seen them in nine years.”

While there this time, those making the trip will get to see, and possibly meet a Hollywood Icon, Ann-Margaret.

“Sometimes you get to meet the stars. Sometimes they meet us in the lobby and there are many times when they get on our bus as we’re leaving. They’ll get on and shake our hands and say a few words.”

Ann Margaret will be appearing with a musical icon, Andy Williams, at his theatre.

There are still some seats left on the bus. “Call 772-6241 and leave your name and address and I’ll mail out the information right away,” Ed added.