Andy Howes’ Remains to be Laid to Rest at Arlington National Cemetery

Andy Howes arrived in Knox Monday evening in a procession from Indianapolis. Photo by Jayme Goetz

The remains of Chief Warrant officer, Andy Howes, now move on to a final resting place in Arlington National Cemetery after Memorial Services were held in Knox yesterday. Those services will be Friday, August 5th.

The family had brought him back to Knox hoping the ceremonies would bring closure to the community that nurtured him in his formative years.

According to family members, they were absolutely overwhelmed with the turnout for their loved one who had not been back in the city since going off to war in Vietnam four decades ago.

His brother Robert talked with Ted Hayes about the experience of bringing him to Starke County.

“There were a lot of emotions and for our family, this is a defining moment,” said Robert Howes, Andy’s brother. “One of the really good things about Andy coming home is that it’s a very unifying experience for our family. It brings us together around something that we all can cherish.”

“Andy was my younger brother, about six years younger than me,” he continued. “In our family, Andy was the rebel. He did it really well and the older he got the more I admired him.”

Ted Hayes told Robert Howes that in his 47 years of in the radio business, this is one of the most memorable experiences he has ever had.

He told Ted, “We’re appreciate everything you’ve done and it gives me a moment to reflect on all of the people who have been a part of this and everyone’s effort into organizing this and how grateful our family is for all who contributed.”

Ted, along with Jayme Goetz, narrated and photographed the entire experience from the arrival of the remains to the funeral service.

With hundreds of people greeting the procession from Indianapolis, and especially through Knox, it was described by many as the most patriotic expression of gratitude ever shown for a returning serviceman. The family said it was not only for their loved one, but for all Vietnam veterans who served in that war.