Indiana State Fair Royalty Competition This Week

Miss Pulaski County and Miss Starke County are vying this week for honors at the Indiana State Fair. Stacy Gudas was the winner of the Pulaski County 4-H competition. Lauren Jernas became eligible to enter this competition by virtue of being part of the Starke County Royalty at the Starke County Fair.

When Gudas was named the Queen of the Pulaski County Fair, WKVI’s Ted Hayes caught up with her and asked her reaction to being named the Queen.

“As I was announced, of course I was shocked. You never know if you’re going to win or not, so I was really excited and I’m excited to represent Pulaski County,” said Gudas. “What got me interested in competing was when I was in third grade I got to dance with the Miss Pulaski contestants when I was in hip-hop, and that was a lot of fun. And we’ve always gone to watch it at the fair with my mom.”

Starke County does not have a “Queen” program, but Loren Jernas qualified by being named royalty at the Starke County Fair.

“I was chosen as one of the Starke County 4-H Royalty winners, so I decided to go down to state fair to do the pageant and have fun and meet a lot of different girls from all over the state,” said Jernas.

Jernas explained what the competition will entail.

“We have to do an interview, there’s a formal wear competition. There’s no swimsuit competition, there’s no time competition. There’s one day where we do the County Queen’s fashion show and we get to wear an outfit that we think looks good on us, and it’s not judged so we get to kinda show our personality and our outfits,” said Jernas.

The winner of the state fair queen pageant will be the official hostess for the 2012 fair.