Judge Rules in Tammy Van Dam Case

LaPorte County Judge Thomas Alevizos issued a two page ruling Tuesday afternoon that gave a rather “limited preliminary injunction” in a case brought by the estate of Tammy Van Dam, and her life partner Beth Urschel. The suit brought by the lawyer for the two asked that the wreckage from the State Fair stage that collapsed be preserved.

Alevizos did though reject a request to preserve all e-mails, 911 calls and other evidence that could be destroyed.

He also criticized the attorney before him, Kenneth Allen, for saying he was seeking $50 million for the estate of Tammy Van Dam. The judge said that local court rules stipulate that no damage amounts be listed. He called the revelation of the amount a “publicity stunt” by the attorney.

Tammy Van Dam was killed, and Beth Urschel was injured when the stage collapsed before a performance of the county music duo Sugarland at the State Fair.