Knox-Center Township Fire Department Receives New Fire Truck

The Knox-Center Township Fire Department's new truck

The Knox-Center Township Volunteer Fire Department took possession of its new fire truck last week.

“It has more storage and we can carry more firemen,” said Fire Chief, Ken Pfost. “The other truck that this vehicle is replacing could only hold three guys in the cab, but not comfortably. This truck hauls six firefighters. They can get their air packs on on the way to a call and be ready the moment they get to the scene and step off the truck. It has a refrigerator in it for rehab so we can keep water in it. If the guys get overheated they can get something to drink. It holds 1,000 gallons of water which is 250 gallons more than our other truck. It has a lot more capability.”

The new truck cost $398,000 and replaces a 1980 model truck.  The purchase of the truck has been in the planning stages for the past two years.