Knox High School Renovation Project Nearing Completion

New lockers were installed as part of the QSCB project at the high school

The Knox Community High School has been under construction this past summer. The Corporation received a Qualified School Construction Bond and Superintendent A.J. Gappa said the money was used to fix several issues at the High School:

“The main part of the project was to replace the water pipes throughout the building,” said Gappa. “The building is a little over 35 years old and many of the pipes had become clogged, water pressure at the east end of the building was pretty weak and in some places hot water was just trickling out of the pipes instead of streaming. It was due to be finished this week before school started and the majority of the work will be finished. The last part of the project in the main part of the building are the sinks and the restrooms. They are due to arrive today and will be installed this week and so everything will be ready to go for school.”

The pool will still be worked on after the start of school.

“Everything was on target for that two weeks ago, but there was a slight delay in removing the old liner. As we had to empty the water from the pool and get out the liner, the workers in that area ran into a slight delay so the pool will be finished probably within the first two weeks of school. Everything else seems to be on target for the completion date of this week.”

Students return to school on Tuesday, August 16th.