Knox, Indiana Resident Shows Support on Today Show

The city of Knox got its moment in the spotlight thanks to Jeannie Little, a Knox resident on vacation in New York City. During the broadcast of the Today Show, Little held up a large sign with the words “Knox, Indiana,” and caught quite a bit of attention.

After receiving an email with a mobile contact number for Little, WKVI’s Tom Berg was able to contact Little and ask her a few questions on the air.

“So we went Tuesday and we got on camera for maybe five seconds and then last night I said I’m making a big sign that says “Knox, Indiana,” so I made it and we went today and I held it up and I think I got on quite a bit,” said Little.

Little said she plans to return to the Today Show this morning with a large sign bearing her son Frankie Risner’s military picture and hopes to get the autographs of the Zac Brown Band. The full interview is available on the WKVI Facebook page.