La Crosse Man Reacts to Indiana State Fair Tragedy

Just over a week after the tragedy at the Indiana State Fair, a La Crosse man expressed his reaction to the stage collapse and ensuing tragedy on the ground at the Sugarland Concert in the Northwest Indiana Times.

Tim Greiger said he didn’t like the way the sky looked so he hustled his family to safety. If he hadn’t, they would have been under the stage as it fell.

He ushered his mother and wife into a bathroom, and went back out toward his seating area. In the article Greiger said, “I saw a lot of things I wish I wouldn’t have seen, I saw people dying, and hurt all over the place.”

Greiger, 34, said he considers himself very lucky to have been spared the fate of those sitting in the area around him.

Meanwhile the mourning continues for Beth Urschel of Wanatah, the life partner of Tammy Van Dam. The estate of Van Dam is suing for $50 million dollars, and a lawsuit for Urschel is listed at $10 million.

At a press conference Friday, Urschel said, “It was Tammy’s birthday weekend, and I was taking her to see her favorite band.”

Urschel has a broken clavicle, tissue damaged in her arm, a severed little toe that was reattached and another toe that was crushed according to an article in Saturday’s Post Tribune.