Lauren Jernas to Participate in the Indiana State Fair Pageant

Lauren Jernas

Lauren Jernas, who was recently crowned Starke County 4-H royalty, will be competing in the Indiana State Fair Queen pageant August 19th-21st. Lauren will be competing with 88 other contestants from around the State for the honor of being the 2012 Queen.

Lauren was asked why she decided to be part of the pageant.

“I was chosen as one of the Starke County 4-H Royalty winners so I decided to go down to the State Fair to go to the pageant and have fun and meet a lot of different girls from around the state.”

She talks about elements in which the contestants will be judged.

“We have to do an interview and there’s a formal wear competition. There’s no swimsuit competition and there’s no talent competition. There’s one day that we do the County Queen’s Fashion Show and we get to wear an outfit that we think looks good on us. It’s not judged so we kind of get to show off our personality in our outfits.”

Lauren is a 10 year 4-H member and has a Basic Craft project at the State Fair this year. She said that 4-H has taught her responsibility, sportsmanship and much more.