North Judson-San Pierre School Looking Into Signage Possibilities

North Judson-San Pierre High School

Advances in signage technology have made it easier for advertisers to communicate with fans at sporting events. Faced with rising athletic costs, high schools are now getting into the advertising business.

Recently, Superintendent Lynn Johnson at the North Judson-San Pierre School district talked about signage with Athletic Director Rob Vessely.

“We talked about the possibility of doing some advertising for the athletic facilities, and we had a community member come and approach our athletic department about some possibilities of doing some things that would be mutually beneficial as far as adding to our funds and then also providing advertisements so Rob Vessely, our athletic director, did present to the board to establish some guidelines for that so it’s aesthetically pleasing,” said Johnson.

Johnson said that even though they are exploring this method for extra revenue, it is not getting in the way of what a school district is supposed to do: educate children.

“And it’s not anything to undermine the mission of education by any means, but it’s supporting the facilities and supporting what we’re able to do for children. As you know, costs get more and more and that’s for everything, so it’s a way to help us achieve some of the things we want to do in athletics. One of the things we are absolutely thrilled about this year is we do have an athletic trainer. It’s just been such a positive thing already to have that person on board with our athletic teams,” Johnson said.