Starke County Commissioners Terminate Employees in Treasurer’s Office

Starke County Treasurer's Office is now empty after the Commissioners terminated all employees

The Starke County Commissioners met in an emergency session this morning to address unresolved issues from a 2009 audit of the County Treasurer’s Office.

The Commissioners held an Executive Session meeting and then Commission President Dan Bridegroom read a prepared statement to the press and public.

“As a result of an unresolved issue from 2009 State Board of Accounts Audit of the Starke County Treasurer’s Office, county officials have instituted additional safeguards on county bank accounts. The safeguards will enhance review procedures that may result in modest delays in the availability of funds for payment of county checks. Delays should not exceed 48 hours.”

Following the reading of that statement, Commissioner Kathy Norem offered a motion that all employees of the Treasurer’s Office be terminated.

Commissioner Bridegroom and police officers, led by Sheriff Oscar Cowen, went to the Treasurer’s office where an immediate termination notice was read to employee Robin Lenig. The officers then told her to collect her belongings and escorted her out the door.

Treasurer Linda Belork was not available for comment.

The Commissioners and County Council members will meet in Executive Session again this afternoon and a public meeting with the media and constituents will be held at 2:00 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room in the Starke County Annex.