Starke County Humane Society Welcomes Woof Studios in September

Who says the dog can’t be in the family picture? Woof Studios is coming to the Humane Society this Fall, so there’s no better time to get those pictures of man’s best friend. Woof Studios has been coming to the Starke County Humane Society for almost 20 years, providing an opportunity to get that difficult cat, dog, horse, or other animal to pose for some beautiful shots while helping out a worthy cause in the process.

“They are a wonderful husband and wife. They’re from Buchanan, Michigan, and they make their livelihood doing fundraisers at vets offices and humane societies, and that type of thing, pet stores, and they always donate a generous portion of their proceeds to the shelter when they’re done,” said Suzanne Crider from the Humane Society.

Woof Studios offers numerous packages for people to choose from, along with digital backgrounds, touch-ups, and other photographic services as well. They are very creative with their shots, and Crider says they work wonders with animals.

“I’ve had more people say to me, ‘My dog won’t sit for that. My cat won’t sit for that. This is never going to work.’ And I have told them repeatedly, ‘Just bring them and give them a chance because you will not be disappointed.’ And I don’t know of anybody in all these years that has ever complained or not been happy with what they did,” said Crider.

For a small $15 setting fee and 20 minutes of your time, Woof Studios can photograph individual pets, pets with their families, or whatever kind of arrangement you would like. A variety of poses are available to choose from as well, and all the work is done at the humane society, with a large portion of the proceeds donated to the shelter.

“One of the reasons that it’s one of my favorite fundraisers of the year is because a lot of the pets that come back to get their pictures taken found their homes from being here, so it’s always a happy story for me when I get to see them come back and be a family member with somebody,” Crider said.

Woof Studios will be available at the Starke County Humane Society on September 30th and October 1st, and photography starts at 9:00 a.m. Crider encourages you to make an appointment to ensure everything goes smoothly and you don’t have to wait, but walk-ins are also accepted. You can call (574) 896-5060 for more information.