Winamac Man Arrested for Fraud, Theft

Andrew Sturgeon

Andrew W. Sturgeon, 25, of Winamac was arrested Tuesday by Pulaski County Police on a warrant. The warrant included charges of Fraud on a Financial Institution, a Class C Felony; and Theft, a Class D Felony. Sturgeon allegedly stole $947.77 through false deposits and withdrawals.

According to the police report, officers were dispatched to First Federal Savings Bank in Winamac. When the officer arrived and spoke with Assistant Branch Manager Rhonda Lower, he was told that a customer, Sturgeon, had been making deposits at ATMs that were not correct. On June 24th, Sturgeon reportedly made a deposit of $300 at an ATM near the bank. When checked, there was only $30 in the envelope. After making the deposit, Sturgeon withdrew $260 from the account, which actually had a balance of only $30.92.

Other deposits made by Sturgeon were allegedly found to be fraudulent.

Lower told the officer that the bank had drafted and sent a letter to Sturgeon via certified mail, and a telephone message was later received by Sturgeon in which he stated he would pay the money back by the end of the week and asked that the police or prosecutor not get involved. Because she had not heard from Sturgeon and had not been able to contact him, Lower requested charges be filed.