Winamac Town Council Approves Grant for Residential Renovations

Winamac Town Hall

Eight homes in Winamac will be undergoing some much-needed renovations, thanks to a grant approved by the Winamac Town Council this week. Shawn Cain from KIRPC approached the Council with a request to approve a bid to perform various work in these houses, including installation of energy-efficient windows, heating systems, insulation, and some electrical work and plumbing as well. Most of these homes need several different improvements, and the houses with the most pressing needs will be given the highest priority. The town is expected to provide a 10% match for the grant.

The grant for the eight homes gives the town $134,500 for the improvements necessary, and that amount can be distributed however the town feels necessary. Ray Tanner from Medaryville was awarded the bid, and will be doing the construction work on all of the homes. The people who qualified for the grant have been very patient through the long process of the grant application. Each home had to be inspected, a list of improvements had to be made, and the grant application process was very time consuming. However, it is all worth it in the end because the improvements on these homes will greatly increase their quality of living for years to come.