Knox and North Judson Fire Departments to Trade Equipment

The Knox-Center Township and North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Departments have agreed to a swap of equipment. In the swap, North Judson would receive a 1980 Ford Pumper truck with a 750 gallon tank and Knox would receive an air bag system that is approximately six to seven years old.

Knox-Center Township Volunteer Fire Chief, Ken Pfost, explained to the City Council members that the air bag system new would cost approximately $10,000.

The system is capable of helping lift a vehicle off another one, and has the power to lift a semi, too. Pfost said the air bag system is in excellent condition.

“It’s one of those pieces of equipment you wouldn’t use often, but when you need it the air bag system sure comes in handy,” Pfost said.

The Council approved a resolution to allow the trade to be completed. The North Judson Town Board must do the same.