Knox School Board Spotlights One-to-One Computer Initiative

Middle School Science teacher, Mrs. Allport, explains what the class has been doing with their lesson on lab safety

Knox High School Principal, Dr. Elizabeth Ratliff; Middle School Principal, Dave Miller; and Technology Coach, Chris Ross, appeared before the School Board last week to present them with projects the students have been doing on their new computers, thanks to the One-to-One Computer Initiative.

“From the High School, they had a student demonstrate how to solve an Algebra problem, running it through an iMovie plan, said Superintendent A.J. Gappa. “We had an English teacher show who they prepared for the reading of a story by doing research on the author, the story and different topics from the story that they were going to read. Mrs. Berkshire was here to show some of the projects that those students had done.”

The Middle School projects were pretty clever and informative as well as they showed videos on what not to do in science labs.

“Mrs. Allport was here with some of her students to show how they could create their own little podcasts and iMovies to show some of the different safety features that they were all learning so they would not get hurt in any of the science labs.”

Mr. Gappa says that overall, the One-to-One Computer Initiative is going well.

“There are some glitches that we are still working through, but the tech people have been putting in extra hours to make sure things are going,” he added. “The kids are excited, they’re engaged with the computers, and even though we’ve had little setbacks were some computers couldn’t get online for a certain period of time, we’re working through those. As time goes on, they’re getting better. Teachers and students alike seem to be very excited about the computer project which the Knox Schools have undertaken at both the Middle and High Schools.”