North Judson Town Board Approves Resolution for Fire Department Trade

North Judson Town Board: Dan Anderson, Wendy Hoppe, Jane Ellen Felchuk, Attorney Cassie Hine and Clerk-Treasurer Connie Miller

The North Judson Town Board approved a resolution to allow a trade of equipment between the North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Department and the Knox-Center Township Fire Department. The North Judson Department will get a 1980 Ford pumper truck with a 750 gallon tank and in exchange, Knox will receive an air bag system that is capable of lifting up vehicles to help in emergency situations. The Knox City Council members approved a similar resolution at their recent meeting.

The Town Board reviewed a quote to paint the fire truck that was received in the trade. The original quote was for $11,000 and the company, RPI, out of Tipton, Indiana, made a mistake in the quote and it should have been $12,450. The Board approved that amount. An additional $2,200 was approved so the pump can be removed, cleaned and certified. The truck will be sent out for those repairs on October 1st and it will be returned in 45 days.