Probation Revocation Requested for LaCrosse Man

Johnny R. Mathis, Jr.

Prosecutors have asked Lake Superior Court Judge Thomas Stefaniak, Jr. to revoke the bond for 38-year-old Johnny R. Mathis Jr., of LaCrosse, who has been charged with defrauding a local casino by not paying a $1.3 million gambling line of credit.

Mathis, who is charged with theft and fraud, both Class C felonies punishable by a sentence of two to eight years, and deception, a misdemeanor, has been free on $2,000 cash bond posted in July 2007. When he posted bond, Mathis signed a document that he may not leave the state without permission of the court. After missing a court hearing in March 2010, the judge allowed travel for business purposes.

The request for probation revocation comes after he was found allegedly celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary instead of being away on a business trip. He uploaded many pictures of this “vacation” to Facebook. He is now facing a Jury Trial starting on January 9th along with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fines. He has plead not guilty.