Indiana Court of Appeals Upholds Conviction of Gerald Broude

Gerald Broude
Gerald Broude

The Indiana Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction of Gerald Broude. Broude was sentenced in Starke Circuit Court in December of 2010 to 50 years on each of the three Class A Felony counts of Child Molestation, and eight years on one count of Child Molestation, a Class C Felony. The sentences were ordered to be run concurrently to total 50 years.

A jury found him guilty on four counts of Child Molestation after deliberating less than 30 minutes on December 1st.

In his appeal, Broude argued that the trial court erred when it admitted the victim’s testimony using a two-way closed circuit television and didn’t give that notice to Broude as required by statute. Broude also contended that there was insufficient evidence to sustain his conviction of the Class A Felony of Child Molestation and there was a difference between the charging information and proof presented at the trial on a second count of child molestation.

One count was ordered to be overturned but it will not affect his sentence in this case.