Knox Redskin Brigade Advances to Semi-State

Knox Redskin Brigade

The Knox Redskin Brigade, along with John Glenn and eight other bands in Class C, advanced to the Semi-State Marching Band competition to be held at Decatur High School in Indianapolis this Saturday. An emotional Director, Craige Phipps, talks about the Regional performance.

“We’ve got one more week and the kids did an amazing job. I’m so proud of them,” said Phipps. “We told them right from the get-go, you’ve got to focus, you’ve got to try and make it as normal as it can be. We had a great rehearsal this morning and the kids were pumped when we left. They were prepared for everything. Now even saying that, you can’t fully prepare for it. When we walked into the stadium, there was a standing ovation from the front and from the back. We did our warm-up and I never had a student section stand and cheer during a warm-up. We did our performance, we came off the field and I was so proud of the kids and so nervous. I don’t even remember the performance itself. Then as we’re standing down in the endzone after waiting for awards listening to the kids counting how many Semi-State qualifiers they have. As we’re going through it, they start doing the math, and they realize that there are only three bands left and there are three spots left and they slowly started to realize and the look on their faces was….indescribable.”

All of the drum majors line up to see who is moving to Semi-State
Drum Major Brenden Owens accepts the Semi-State plaquard
Knox High School Principal Dr. Elizabeth Ratliff signs the intent for the Redskin Brigade to appear at the Semi-State competition at Decatur High School. Also pictured is Band Director Craige Phipps