Meet the Candidates for North Judson Town Board in Ward 3

North Judson Town Board President Dan Anderson, a Democrat, is running against Republican Tim Cummins for a seat on the Board in the November 8th election.

Anderson lives in North Judson, where he is also the Town Superintendent. He has been involved with waste water utilities for 23 years and law enforcement for 10 years. He is a father of four, and grandfather of three.

Cummins is a lifelong resident of the San Pierre and North Judson area, and is a graduate of North Judson-San Pierre High School. He’s married and the father of twin daughters, and has six grandchildren. Cummins is retired from NIPSCO, where he was in management, and is a graduate of Purdue North Central.

Anderson told us that he wanted to continue with some programs that have begun in North Judson.

“The biggest thing was in the past three-and-a-half years, we’ve worked on infrastructure, storm drainage and the Treatment Plant,” said Anderson. “We finally have the Treatment Plant in to where it’s running in design flows and we’re working on a Community Center for the town. I want to work on some programs for the kids and also a long-term planning grant. I’m also working on a railroad grant right now that I’d like to finish up.”

Anderson mentioned keeping the budget in check as a source of pride and talked about what he would like to see done if elected to another term.

“I think we’ve done a good job with our budget cuts that we’ve had. We’ve been able to purchase equipment, work on infrastructure, and now we’d like to work on a couple of the town buildings and look at the future for the kids and some jobs in the area.”

We asked Tim Cummins why he decided to run for the position.

“I’ve always been kind of interested in what was going on around the town,” said Cummins. I spent a little time on the Planning Commission and I had been asked by a number of people in town if I would be interested in running for the Town Board. I had given it some thought and I thought that would be a good challenge. I thought that bringing my many years of management background and leadership in the business world to the small town would be helpful.”

Cummins also had a long list of things he would like to see done if elected.

“We really don’t have something for that middle school aged group. These kids don’t have anything that they can really sink their teeth into and have a lot of fun with. I believe that we have the people in town that can get together and kind of walk through that type of process and hopefully develop some type of activity for that age group of children. The other things is that we do have the Industrial Park that never really seemed to grab hold in North Judson. I’d be excited to work with the development company and anyone else who’s interested that can put their heads together and look at some ideas. What was the original intent? What were the plans? How did they expect to move that forward? What is it that didn’t work? What are the things that will and what can the town do to promote the Industrial Park idea?