October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Ruth Matsey, President of the Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (CADA), was asked what the organization does to bring awareness to the community.

“We’re doing what we usually do every year and that is we put different displays up and rotate them at the libraries, even the smaller libraries,” replied Ruth Matsey. “The small displays talk about domestic abuse. We also do proclamations. The Mayor signs one and on Monday, the Commissioners will sign a proclamation declaring it in the county.”

Ruth was asked if there is a lot of domestic abuse in Starke County.

“One of the main problems where you find domestic abuse is when there is lack of employment. When people are unemployed, domestic violence tends to accelerate during those times. We have a lot of that here now.”

Ruth has shocking statistics about domestic abuse that many people don’t realize.

“On average, about three women in the United States die as a result of domestic violence each day. One in four women and one in 13 men will experience domestic violence at some time during their lifetime. This isn’t an issue that’s just about women. Men are abused as well, but they don’t frequently report it.”

There is a way to seek help.

“Call our number at (574) 772-3331, or you can call The Caring Place and that number is (574) 772-2222. Both places can help you. We have counseling, one-on-one or group. We have information and different things we can do with safety planning.”