Red Hat Society’s Bling my Bra Campaign Raises Money for Breast Cancer Research

These are just a few of the bras decorated for the Bling my Bra campaign

The 2011 Bling my Bra promotion is nearing an end in Starke County. The Red Hat organization in Starke County has spearheaded a promotion where women bling their bras for auction. The bras were on display Sunday at the Washington Township Community Building Open House. Kathy Cooper talks about the promotion for breast cancer research.

“We all got together at the Starke County Library for a bling your bra promotion for breast cancer awareness and you can vote on your favorite bra for $1.00 and you can buy on for $20 at the end of the month,” said Red Hat Society member, Kathy Cooper. “We’re going to send them to eBay and someone’s going to sell them for us and all of the proceeds will go to breast cancer research.”

Pam Tucker and Kathy Cooper

These bras are up for auction on eBay throughout the month of October. The auctions are listed under eBay seller ID BlingMyBra. For more information you can visit this website.

“All the bras on eBay that go for sale start out at $19.82 as the beginning bid and that’s because 1982 was when Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was founded.”

Janice Davis, the Red Hat Queen Mother, is taking a bra, called the “think pink” bra, to the Sugarland concert this Friday night and Sugarland duo, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are expected to sign the bra for the auction on eBay.