Star City Man Arrested on a Charge of Carrying a Handgun without a Permit

Matthew Wheeler

A Star City man has been charged with Carrying a Handgun Without a License, a Class C Felony.

A Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled over a vehicle driven by Matthew Wheeler as the Deputy found that the license plate was expired and the license plate light was out. The officer asked Wheeler if he had any weapons in the vehicle and he said he had a BB gun in the car. After consent was given to search the vehicle, the officer found a 9mm Taurus handgun underneath the driver’s seat. Wheeler was asked if he had a permit to carry a firearm and he told the officer that he did not have a permit. He reportedly said that he knew that it is illegal to transport a firearm without a permit. He said he was carrying the weapon because someone was harassing him. Wheeler also reportedly had two pocket knives in his left front jeans pocket which he didn’t reveal to police.

Wheeler was arrested and has been charged with Carrying a Handgun Without a License as a Class C Felony because he was convicted of a felony within 15 years of this charge. He was convicted of Operating a Vehicle with an BAC of .08 or more in 2006, a Class D Felony.