Week in Review for October 3rd-7th, 2011

Here is just some of the news that made the news in the Kankakee Valley this week:

IU Health Starke Hospital

Starke County officials heard a proposal from IU Health Starke Hospital regarding the purchase of the hospital facility, land and equipment from the County. No decision was made. IU Health Starke Hospital is asking the county to approve another $2 million in upgrades before the sale to IU Health LaPorte Hospital. Starke County is already committed to $7.4 million that the LaPorte facility inherited with the signing of the lease in 2006. If the hospital is sold, that money will be waived.

Starke County officials endorsed a comprehensive jail review Monday night and named a community committee to follow a nine phase process in deciding on the future of the Starke County Jail.

Carl Larkin

Carl Larkin, of Medaryville, was arrested after Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department officers found that he allegedly hit and attempted to choke his live-in girlfriend. He has preliminary charges of Strangulation, Domestic Battery and Resisting Law Enforcement.

Starke County EMS Director, Paul Mathewson, continues to move forward with plans to upgrade the county’s ambulance service from basic life support to advanced life support.

James Larvick and Jimmy Hopkins of Winamac were arrested on Sunday on charges of Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Burglary after they were reportedly found to be making meth at a residence in Winamac.

The Knox City Council approved a request to allow the city police officers buy back their own hand guns to make way for the purchase of new guns next year.

County bridge #156 over the Robbins Ditch

The bridge on Range Road and 500 North in Starke County could be open by October 28th. County officials and farmers hope that the bridge is open by November 11th for the harvest.

Nolan Wood, of Knox, was arrested this week after Knox City police allegedly found marijuana and Chinese throwing stars in his vehicle after a routine traffic stop and search of the vehicle.

Knox School Board

The Knox Community School Board learned that the Average Daily Membership for the corporation is 1,929 students this year, compared to 1,931 students last year. The ADM count is being closely monitored as funding follows the student.

Mint Farmer, Mike Materna, of Hamlet, was sentenced Wednesday to two years probation and eight months of home detention in U.S. District Court yesterday. He was also ordered to pay a $20,000 fine. He had plead guilty to discharging hot water in a ditch from his mint still in Starke County.

The Starke County Commissioners will be asking the Starke County Council for more money for jailers for the Starke County jail. Sheriff Cowen was asked to move two road officers to the jailer position, but Cowen explained that it can’t be done.

Marshall Garlach of Knox was severely injured after he was attacked by two American Bulldogs at a residence in Knox.

Ian Bastin
Zachary Bastin

Ian and Zachary Bastin had their 15 year prison sentences modified in Starke Circuit Court Thursday. They will now be serving two years on home detention, 120 days in the Community Transition Program, and five years probation. They will also pay restitution to the victims of the burglaries.

And that is just some of the news that made the news in the Kankakee Valley this week.